When I, Yvonne Rosten, bought the house, it was to be able to unfold myself artistically and at the same time take care of my children, without having babysitters, without leaving the house to work with my art.  It was also to be able to work without restrictions and have my own premises on what I could or could not do. This house gave me the freedom to expand in all the directions I wanted.

Now I have a studio upstairs (Studio Yr) for painting and a woodworkingstudio and a sculpture workshop downstairs with Magnar. We also have Gallery M where we show our own art. The artexperience does not end there, because art is filling every room of the house.  Sometimes I also invite other artists during festivals so they can exhibit their art. In addition to this, to accommodate course participants, we have an Air bnb appartement.

Who would have thought this could be, when I started this whole project 16 years ago as a single mother with 3 children. A lot of people thought i was crasy. Maybe they were right, thats up to you to judge. But i think I lay the golden egg and thrive in all this space with all these posibilities.

Now, the house no longer stands there like a huge grey ghost house with punctured windows, water dripping through the roof, with dark windows. A house no one wanted.

Now the house is a gift to anyone who chooses to make use of it and its offers.


I have made the whole house into a art project and the goal is that there are paintings and sculptures everywhere so that the whole house appears as a work of art. We're getting there, -slowly but surely😊) And with Magnar, my man, by my side, who loves to build, everything is possible.

Welcome to the Pearl in Hemnesberget. Be prepared to have a nice time😊) Welcome